Semi-Private Training:

TRU You personal training is individualized; customized specifically for you based on information we acquire during our initial assessment. We combine science and “in the trenches” training experience to create programs that help you reach your goals. You’ll train in a highly motivating environment alongside other TRU You clients at no more than a 5:1 client-to-trainer ratio. Whether you're an elite athlete or you're just looking to start living a healthier life, we can create the programs that help you reach your goals.



The TRUth

The TRUth is a high-intensity functional circuit training program exclusive to TRU You Fitness.  The large-group setup (up to 24 people at a time), and the challenging workouts provide an upbeat and energetic atmosphere where fun and hard work go hand in hand.


You can experience the TRUth every week Monday through Thursday at 7PM, and Saturday mornings at 9AM. There is no limit to the number of TRUth sessions you can attend, so come as much as you like! 

Look for us on Groupon for a month of unlimited TRUth!!!  



Boxing Training

Boxing Training at TRU You is a fun way to learn some basic boxing skills, and burn some extra calories as well. A 30-minute focus mitt session will include instruction on punching technique, defensive movement, and foot work, combined with high speed punch conditioning drills and reflex training.

Zumba at TRU You

Come party with us! Tired of the treadmills and ellipticals? Zumba at TRU You will definitely take the boring out of your cardio sessions. We have two of the best instructors in the Oklahoma City area! 


 Join us for Zumba on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7PM. 

TRU You Nutrition

Nutritional supplements can be a great addition to your health and fitness program. TRU You Nutrition's complete line of pharmaceutical grade supplements provide what you need to maximize your exercise time, with pre- and post-workout options, and everything you need to maintain a strong and healthy body. From protein shakes to multi-vitamins, we have everything you need to keep you going. By the way, our prices are GREAT! Stop in and see what you think.

Program Design

Are you interested in changing your body and getting into better physical condition, but don't quite know how to go about it? Have you tried diets and muscle magazine workout plans only to end up with frustrating results? Have you been making progress, but now you've seemed to hit a plateau? Let us help. Allow TRU You to design your program! Your individualized program will be just that...YOURS. Designed based on your goals and your needs, your program will help you achieve a stronger, healthier, more capable body.